The vegetation of Zambia

THE VEGETATION OF ZAMBIA by D.B.Fanshawe, Forest Research Bulletin No. 7, Kitwe, 1969, Printed by Government Printer, Lusaka, 1971, iv & 67 pages, 11 photographs & 2 diagrams.

Editor’s preface

This memoir was intended to provide the text to accompany the Vegetation of Zambia Map, compiled by A.C.R. Edmonds (1976). While the map is much used, Dennys Fanshawe’s memoir is long out of print, and is seldom referred to. In fact, Fanshawe’s name does not appear on the map. This is unfortunate as the information given on the map, of necessity very abbreviated, is often misleading and contradictory. Terms such as chipya and munga, used only in Zambia, need to be defined and explained. Users of the map can be excused for inferring that Baikiaea plurijuga occurs in the deciduous forest in the upper Chambeshi Basin or the Lower Zambezi. Is chipya forest or woodland?
Since the publication of the memoir, numerous taxonomic revisions of the regional flora have been published, requiring the corrections of names used in the memoir.
These include:
  • misapplied names,
  • redefined species,
  • changes in the convention of Latinized spelling,
  • standardization of authors’ names
  • typographical errors.
In this digital edition the lists of species for each vegetation type, which in the original text follow the descriptions, are removed to a separate document.
A dictionary of Fanshawe’s names with their currently valid synonyms will be posted shortly.
Fanshawe’s other major contributions to Zambian botany are his herbarium collections, and the series of district vegetation reports, printed in roneo, during the 1960s and early 1970s. All the districts as they were at the time of independence (1964), were written up with the exception of Mporokoso. Mankoya (now Kaoma) exists, but without species lists, although the report on Kafue National Park partly covers the latter. Many of these reports are also available in digital format, which may be supplied on request.
The scanning and conversion to text of this document was done by Jason Alfonsi.

Mike Bingham, March 2011

You can receive a digital copy of the publication "The vegetation of Zambia" or a copy of one of Fanshawe's reports by sending a request to this email address

EscarpmentGorge forest
Escarpment Gorge forest

Baikiaea forest

Bangweulu riverine vegetation
Bangweulu riverine vegetation


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