The Steep-sided Termite Mounds of the Zambian Copperbelt.  (july 2014)

Steep-sided mounds are a feature of, but are not confined to the higher rainfall zone of the miombo biome. On most of the plateau the steep-sided mounds, when they occur, are aligned along the woodland margins, sometimes extending into the sandy dambos. On the flat or gently inclined interfluves the mounds are often degraded, sometimes to the point when they can be recognized only as circular patches of taller grass. Degradation is the result of the clay being leached away to be redeposited in the floodplains or dambo.

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Habenaria sochensis
Mop-like tufts of Setaria lindenbergiana, the most characteristic species of the steep sides.
Habenaria sochensis
In August the grass is dry, ready to burn.
 Updated: 14 July 2014
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